Using Adobe Lightroom 5 to edit photographs. A basic photo editing tutorial preview.

In this video Damien Lovegrove demonstrates how to enhance photographs in minutes using Adobe Lightroom (v5). Using just the basic sliders and tool set he brings 29 RAW files to life in real time showing you each and every step. If you ever wonder what needs doing to an image or where to start in post production this video is for you. Buy the full video production at: "Adding vitality and life to your photographs needn't require complicated techniques or adjustments, just using the basic tools well will transform your images." Damien Lovegrove This video is not intended to be a tutorial on how Lightroom works, It is much more than that. Instead it aims to be a useful guide to good post production practice for those keen to learn the simple tricks that top photographers, like Damien Lovegrove, use to add vitality and punch to their pictures. The printers art is alive and well in the digital era and Damien will show you how to maintain a high level of image integrity without any compromise on quality or visual impact.