How To: Fix Adobe Flash Crashes in Google Chrome

Is Adobe Flash contently crashing in Google Chrome? This is a problem myself and many others have faced and it's a problem that can get very frustrating. In this video I show a simple and easy to follow way of hopefully fixing this problem. I have notices this problem to occur mostly on Windows 7 machines. 1. Open Google chrome and in the address bar type, about:plugins, and hit enter 2. In the list look for Flash. If it says Flash(2 Files) this is almost certain to be the problem. 3. At the top right side, in the light blue bar you should see 'Details'. Click that to view the details of all the plug-ins 4. Again, look for the item labeled Flash. We need to disable the one that Google Chrome comes with. So, look for the one that has the file path of AppData and under it click Disable. Links: Website: Twitter: Main: Google+: Tumblr: Blogger: Thanks For Watching, Don't Forget To Like and Subscribe!
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