How to Design a Tri Fold Brochure in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to design a tri fold brochure in Adobe Photoshop. Before getting started with the tutorial, you would be need to install the following brush presets in Photoshop that we have used for designing the front cover and adding texture elements in the inner pages. • Cute Flower Brushes • Flower Stock Photos Don't forget to check out our site for more free how-to videos! - our feed - join us on facebook - our group in Google+ Step 1 -- Setting up the document So let's start by opening up a new document. Over here we will change the measurements of the document and keep the width to 11.6 inches and height to 17.5 inches. Do remember to keep the resolution at 300 pixels per inch and color mode to CMYK. Step 2 -- Setting up the margins Let's start by drawing a margin line at 8.3 inches and 9.25 inches horizontally. The upper part is the front side of the brochure. And the lower part is the back side of the brochure. Now draw the margin lines of 0.25 inches on all four sides of the brochure to create a bleed area. Draw a margin line at 3.80 inches and 7.65 inches respectively. Now we have all the three portions of the brochure ready. The top left portion will be the front cover of the brochure, the bottom right portion will be the back cover and the remaining portions are the inner pages. All the middle pages will serve as the produce pages while the front and the back cover will focus on the brand identity and contact details. Step 3 -- Setting up the brochure pages With that done, let's select the rectangle tool and draw a box the same size as of each portion. Draw separate boxes for each side and fill them with different colors. For the front and the back cover, we have used a shade of green. The color code used is "a6af7a". For the rest of the boxes we have used different colors, from white to purple etc. Stick with the color combination you have used for the company logo. Step 4 -- Making the front cover Now we will start with the front cover first. Over here, the company name and the logo should be included along with artwork that compliments the nature of business. So let's create a new layer and select a darker shade of green. The color code over here is "3b4708". Next, pick up the brush tool and we will select the "Cute flower" brush pack and apply it on the front cover. We will use different brushes from this set to create a pattern for our front cover. Step 5 -- Adding the company details With that done, use the rectangle tool to draw a small box on the front cover and fill it with the same dark green color. Now use the type tool to enter the name of the flower shop, using Monika for the font, italics for the format and keeping the size to 48 points. Change the color of the text to white and place it over the box. Lastly, you can place the logo of the company at the bottom, adjusting the size and placement according to the design. With that done, the front cover is ready. Step 6 -- Working on the inner pages Now let's start working on the inner sides. These are the pages where we will add product images, descriptions along with details about the company. Since we are designing a brochure for a flower shop, we will add flower stock images to the inner pages When you bring the images to the document, reduce the size and place them in the middle of the pages, like shown in the image below. In a similar way, we will add more stock images to the rest of the pages, except for the back cover page. Step 7 -- Adding content to the inner pages Once that's taken care of, we will use the type tool to insert the body text. So first let's start by making a text box, the size of the middle page. Next, let's set the font size to 11 points, font type to "Gill Sans MT", and paste the text in the text box. You can adjust the text formatting according to your requirements as well. For example over here, we will right align the text and set the leading size to 18 points. In a similar way, you can add text to the rest of the pages as well. Step 8 -- Adding design elements With that taken care of, let's create a new layer and use the brush tool to add flower patterns on each side to fill up the negative spaces. Over here, we will use different brushes from the same brush back we used earlier and apply them towards the edges of each page, keeping the opacity at 43% and using grey color for the fill. The color code used for the brush marks is "d5d5d5" Step 9 -- Making the back cover In the end, we will design the back cover of the brochure. For that, use the rectangle tool to draw a small box and fill it with the same dark green color we used for the front cover. Next, pick up the type tool and insert the contact details.