How to design a business card in CorelDRAW X4

Not for beginners in CorelDRAW. This video shows how to design one, assuming you already know most of the controls. I apologize for not knowing some of the English terms, as well as my inability to be a good tutorial speaker haha. Why don't I make my document the same size as the business card? It's just how I work. I tend to leave the size at A4, and once I'm done with the business card, I then change the document size, center the business card and add the bleeding marks (which I have excluded from the video). Points to remember for putting on your business card: - Your logo - Your slogan (if you have one) - Your address information - Your phonenumber, faxnumber, e-mail and website address - Your logo's colours should be worked into the design as well The US measurement for a business card is 89mm × 51mm or 3.5 x 2 inches.