How to create a beautiful image slider slideshow from scratch in Dreamweaver CS6

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------* In This Tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a beautiful Image Slider or Image Slideshow from scratch in Dreamweaver CS6 using Jquery library, jquery.cycle plugin. If you follow the steps I showed you in this tutorial, It is going to be a Super easy! Super cool! Super quick! learning steps without making any mistakes. Trust me. I hope & believe that you'll enjoy this video tutorial & can be benefitted from it for your projects. Please do share with others if it helps you, inspires you & if it comes in handy. KNOWLEDGE must be SHARED without any interest. Cheers! OK, HERE'S THE FULL IMAGE SLIDER PROJECTS, Check the Links below: ---------------------------------------------------------* JQUERY File Source: --------------------------------------------------------* ---------------------------------------------------------* If you still can't make it to Work, hey, I'm here to help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------* IF YOU STILL CAN'T MAKE IT, SEND ME YOUR CODE OR REQUEST ME TO MAKE AN IMAGE SLIDER FOR YOUR PROJECTS. FOR FREE. NO STRING ATTACHED. YEAH! That's Right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: And Why I'm Doing It? A: I'm Doing It Because I'm Extremely Excited to Do It for Everyone of YOU Out There. Just taking part in Earthly Events, no matter what. I just want you to know that, I may not be available to your question/query/assistance/support all the time but I'll get back to you ASAP when it occurs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You are interested in my work, you can find more about here: -------------------------------------------------- Check Out My Photography At: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- I'm Available For Hire only for specific projects. Thanks --------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Follow Me @BokhariShah -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Contact/EMAIL Me @ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------* I LOVE YOU ALL *---------------------------*--------------------------*