Create A Website Using Photoshop & Dreamweaver - Part 1

A 3-part tutorial showing you how to create a website using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver without any coding required. In part 1, we will be covering the design aspect of our website, creating a website from scratch in photoshop, creating additional items needed for our website such as rollover images, as well as a few other tips and tricks to create a better looking website. Part 2: Part 3: What you need: Adobe Photoshop (preferably CS5/6) Adobe Dreamweaver (preferably CS5/6) An FTP client such as Filezilla ( A web hosting service Byethost - Free Web Hosting (used in this series): Heliohost - Free Web Hosting (alternative host): In case you were wondering, I use the free Stevie plan. New sign-ups are refreshed at 12 midnight (GMT -0800 hrs). If you are unable to sign up for an account, check back again at your time zone's equivalent of midnight in the GMT -0800hrs time region. Sample Text - Lorem Ipsum: Social Media Icons: